Servopresse S.r.l., Italian’s leader company on the automation field to produce equipment to decoil and straighten steel from coils SINCE THE 1970 has recently delivered and installed to an important Polish molding company specialized in the automotive sector one of the largest and most powerful machines ever built

The line is composed by a common basement which includes a decoiler, loading coil car and a feeder straightener.

This line is composed from a 15.000 Kg. capacity, 1300 mm. as max. wide and able to handle a range of thickness that goes from 1 to 14 mm.

The innovation introduce in this system is the complete automatization of the set-up phase.

Once the operator chose the stored working program the system automatically set-up: The decoiler, the pressures arms, the containing cones, the self-centering guides on the width; Automatically will adjust the straightening rolls in function of the thickness and the pass line.

On the program are also stored the electronic cams and all the working parameters so the PLC is in charge to memorize and execute all the adjustment for each production or operators change.

This system is the perfect solution for every companies who has a different production, who doesn’t has the possibility or necessity to have only one operator to control the function of the line and maybe who has the production organized in more then one shifts.