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Servopresse was established in 1970 with the aim of designing and producing equipment to process coil material for presses, shears, forming machines and machines that use sheet metal coils. Thanks to advanced technological research, machine quality, and our customer’s confidence, Servopresse is today one of European leading companies in this sector.

International Company

85% of the production is aimed at the international market, in which Servopresse has at its disposal technically- qualified distributors able to offer customers an installation service for machines and an ever- available post sales assistance.
Always careful to changes and innovations in the machine tool market, Servopresse is constantly at the forefront to meet customer needs.

From design to production

Thanks to our computerized technical office, Servopresse is able to track the order from the planning phase to design, manufacture, warehouse management and installation. Utilizing our 2D/3D CAD system not only are these functions performed but also inventory control.
Servopresse utilizes CNC and FSM machine tools with the latest technology capable of producing components up to 6mt.
The production capabilities of Servopresse allow 85% of the components to be manufactured in house. This assures fast delivery of customized designs to meet the customer’s production needs.
Our pride is that most of the components are manufactured in Servopresse: we are a true “Equipment Manufacturer” and not just a parts assembler like many of our competitors. This assures spare part availability for our machines well into the future.